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Siempre Eco. Earth Month Featurette!

At Siempre Eco, we recognize the importance of reflecting on our planet and how we’re treating it. We celebrate Earth Month in April and Earth Day on the 22nd every year to remember that we have a role in taking care of our beloved planet. From picking up litter to planting trees, we find little ways to help make the Earth a happier and healthier place to live. 

Today we are going to bring a spotlight to some of the hidden heroes of the eco-friendly industry and show some of the innovative organic products that exist out there. From reusable boxes to biodegradable menstruation pads, the beauty is finding things you never knew existed that are so unbelievably good for our planet. If you live in Edmonton, you’re in luck! Below are some Edmonton-based sustainable small businesses that deserve all your love and support. 

On behalf of Siempre Eco., Happy Earth Month! Make sure to take care of our planet the way it takes care of us.




Meghann Law, Karine St-Onge

Re:Plenish is a refillery and retail store focused on providing zero waste alternatives to personal care, household care and everyday items! Started in December 2019, this underrated pop-up shop is now open every day in their own amazing storefront! 

This business is particularly careful when they bring in new products to make sure that they follow sustainable practices!

“We opt for the least possible amount of packaging, preferably in bulk, or if that's not possible, with compostable or recyclable packing. Everything we carry is either infinitely reusable, free of packaging or in recyclable or compostable packaging.” - Re:Plenish

Re:Plenish sources their products as close to home as possible, which in turn reduces the need for shipping and extra packaging (we love to hear it!). Fun fact: All the packaging that they receive is reused in some way. Could they get any better?

(Plot twist, they can!)

Their shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, dish soap and more are all biodegradable and safe for our oceans and waterways.

Their eco-friendly tip:

“It's easier to start small than to commit to being eco-friendly all in one shot. For example, it's easier to make the switch to zero waste products as you finish your current product!”

Our Siempre Eco product pick: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Lotion Bar




Harold Voong

ReBoxible rents out reusable moving boxes– but that’s not all! For every 5 boxes rented out, this business plants 1 tree. Starting in 2020, Harold Voong created Reboxible to help the planet and is excited to make a real difference in the world everyday. 

How does it work?

Well, it all directs back to their sustainability-focused business model:

“Each box can be reused hundreds of times, saving almost 100% of the energy required to make new boxes from both recycled and non-recycled sources. Once they have reached their lifetime we can fully recycle each box!” - ReBoxible

Did you hear that they have plans to donate to clean up plastic waste from the ocean? You did now! We have to applaud Reboxible for their outstanding efforts in being transparent, sustainable, and affordable. 

Their eco-friendly tip:

“Each one of our boxes save 1.75x their own weight in non-recyclable packing tape and 2.6 trees while planting 80 more. In addition, although paper products can be composted, each box saves more GHG associated with the processing of paper products. GHG for paper processing is much higher per box than plastic, which is a factor often forgotten.” - ReBoxible

Our Siempre Eco product pick: 5 Plastic Moving Boxes


Rewind Reusables


Sandy Khau

After sewing up her first set of reusable towels in 2014, this entrepreneur saw the light and hasn’t looked back since! Rewind Reusables opened up shop in April 2021, with creator Sandy’s new baby turning a month old. Sandy particularly notes being inspired by the Clothes Horse podcast, saying she learned a great deal from it. 

What excites Sandy everyday?

Helping Edmonton locals decrease their textile waster and switch to more reusable items! Something we can all agree, is definitely something to grin about. 

Getting back to waste, or should we say, zero-waste, Sandy is committed to being a zero-waste business. Don’t believe us? All her scraps are saved and used, including taking fabric scrap donations from other local small businesses and sewers to upcycle!

“As much as possible, I consider materials, packaging, longevity and end of life for all my products. My shipping packages are compostable. Local orders are only packaged in used tissue paper/bags. I try to share eco-friendly tips and tricks with all my followers.” - Rewind Reusables

Now that’s what we call giving back! We can't wait to see what this second year brings for Rewind Reusables! 

Their eco-friendly tip:

“Reuse containers you already purchase/have! Some examples include pasta sauce jars, yogurt containers, empty bread bags, etc.” - Rewind Reusables

Our Siempre Eco product pick: Rewind Towels


Wick'd Petals Candle Company

Natasha Martinez

As many great ventures do, Wick'd Petals just over 2.5 years ago, as a hobby! 

Natasha aimed to incorporate her love of flowers with modern candle making techniques. That sentence alone gives us so much serotonin! After participating at small craft fairs around Edmonton, she was forced to launch a website after Covid hit. Two years and many candles later, Wick’d Petals has almost 50 in-store stockists around the country, and have shipped candles as far as France, Belgium, and the UK!

Talk about spreading sustainability worldwide!

We love a creator who is passionate about their craft. Natasha loves to create every day, whether it's pouring candles, drying flowers, or designing labels. Her favourite part (and ours) about her products? The way fragrance and floral have a way of evoking memories, and is able to bring people back to childhood memories. 

BRB, gotta go get some Lilac!

Wick’d Petals sustainable practices? No one could say it better than them:

“From day one, I've used 100% soy wax, which is biodegradable, and derived from the soybean! I also pour our candles in reusable metal tins. Pouring in reusable tins has allowed me to create our "Return Program" which gives customers a discount for returning their candle tins, and I refill them!” - Wick’d Petals

One of their sustainability goals is to work towards eco-friendly and plastic free packaging. We’re rooting for them!

Their eco-friendly tip:

Think locally, instead of globally! Provide sustainable goods to your community, start recycling programs, and more. No step is too small when it comes to creating a cleaner and greener environment. ” - Wick’d Petals

Our Siempre Eco product pick: 6-pack Candle Collection Gift Box



Love Thy Planet


Lourdes Laco

This venture started in 2018 when news about an increasing number of plastic disposables were harming the environment (plastic waste is no joke, people!). Owner Lourdes Laco realized that there had to be a way to help and do their share– the solution? Offering reusable and eco-friendly products!

If you read the last paragraph and wondered if you can help, let me help you. You can! Always remember that big or small, there is always a way you can contribute to making our planet cleaner. 

From double-sided combs to tumblers, this sustainable business is certainly worthy of your time. 

Love thy Planet makes a great effort to check closely through their wide range of products to impact our customers and further their business endeavor: to lessen disposables!

“Whenever we introduce a new product, we make sure that it will be a better alternative to the norm.” - Love Thy Planet 

Love thy Planet? More like love thy eco-friendly business! 

Their eco-friendly tip:

Reuse and repurpose! Nowadays, it's so easy to throw away used and unwanted things. We can do better with an improved mindset of repurposing and reusing instead of always buying something new.” - Love Thy Planet

Our Siempre Eco product pick: 12oz Double-Wall Tumblers




Nicole Sanchez

Ruth, co-founded by Nicole and Anka at the University of Alberta, offer menstrual pads that are biodegradable and sustainable. Yes, you read right! The fact that these exist at all already has us throwing cash at them and fangirling. 

If you didn’t think that was enough, Ruth is also helping the fight in ending period poverty by donating menstrual products to their partner organizations across Canada. 

In terms of SDG’s, Ruth is not shy in telling us how they incorporate it into their business:

“We are incorporating SDG 13 - climate action by providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional menstrual pads, one that biodegrades in less than a year and uses less water to make. We are also incorporating SDG 5 - gender equality by making sure everyone has access to menstrual products.” - Ruth

Ruth's mission of making sustainable periods easy has just started, so make sure to check them out and give them your support! We know we will. 

Their eco-friendly tip:

“Bring your own water bottle everywhere you go - especially when traveling! It's such an easy switch and one that can eliminate a huge amount of plastic waste.” - Ruth 

Our Siempre Eco product pick: Pad Combo Pack



Earth Warrior

Katrina Hillyer

Earth Warrior takes the cake in sustainability by taking one problem to make a solution for the other. They repurpose textile waste and recreate it into brand new everyday lifestyle items. Not only that, these new items are used to reduce single use plastic pollution!

#PlagueAPlasticEarth !

This business launched in 2019, but textiles and creating have been a passion for the creators years prior. After creating a zero waste studio for their previous upcycled clothing line, they saw the opportunity and switched gears and made items that everyone could use daily. 

It’s no surprise that Earth Warrior loves nature and is motivated to find solutions to keep our green spaces clean. Look no further for proof and let us remind you that Earth Warrior has a completely zero waste studio! Music to our ears. 

“From textile recycling to reusing packaging supplies, everything has a purpose in our sewing studio. Manufacturing creates more waste than the average household so it is important for us to reduce our waste and carbon footprint as a business.” - Earth Warrior

We can’t wait to see Earth Warrior continue to thrive. 

Their eco-friendly tip:

“Every eco-friendly swap, no matter how big or how small, makes a difference.” - Earth Warrior 

Our Siempre Eco product pick: Felicia Bulk Bag 




That’s all we have for today! We hope that in highlighting some of these amazing small businesses, you, our dear reader, will be encouraged to support them and find more people and businesses like these entrepreneurs out there! If not, it could always be you ;). Happy Earth Month!

- Team Siempre Eco.

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