Sustainable & Eco Friendly Packaging

Posted by Rabia Dhanani on

Here at Siempre Eco, one of the top most goals is to provide a holistic eco-friendly experience. That includes the packaging that you, our lovely customers receive your products in. Around 98% of all our packaging is recycled, reusable and biodegradable. 

These include boxes made out of recycled kraft and cardboard boxes, recycled paper wrap, recycled paper filling and of course jute twine which you can use for other DIY projects once you receive your package! If you order a parcel big enough, then you will get your package in a compostable mailer made out of corn! So you can literally plant it or compost it after you receive your package.

In terms of the products, the beeswax wraps come carefully wrapped in the same recycled paper and your bath teas come in reusable glass jars so they can be repurposed after you finish!

The other two percent currently includes air pockets, packing tape and bubble wrap for glass jars. Although they are being reused from pervious stock and supply deliveries, we acknowledge that they are made out of plastic and are currently on the lookout for more sustainable options.


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