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Welcome back to Siempre Eco.’s Sustainable Saturday! Getting your period is that time of the month in which genders across the spectrum put a bit more care into our bodies than usual! It can be light, simple all the way to messy and heavy, in which tubs of ice cream and a Tylenol on standby become our best friend. Today we’re going to  share our favourite sustainable period products, all independently selected to share with you!

And of course, all these products are sustainably sourced in some way. What, did you think we’d forget? Never!

Biodegradable Pads:

Ruth ($13.99)

Sound familiar? A blast from the past, Ruth was featured in our ‘Earth Month Featurette’ back in April! 

If you need a reminder, Ruth offers menstrual pads that are biodegradable and sustainable. Millions of pads are used every day, so think of the waste (not to mention all those toxins)! Not for Ruth, who also incorporates SDG’s into their business. 

Biodegradable pads help reduce waste for millions of users everywhere, and are just as good as regular pads, if not better!

Ziggy Cup:

Intimina ($58.90)

Being intimate on your period can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable if you’re squeamish around blood. Well, worry no longer, because the Ziggy Cup has got your back! 

This flexible cup guarantees no leakage during intimacy. Intimina’s cups are specifically made out of 100% medical grade silicone and come with a ribbed tab for a smooth and slip-free removal. 

Being intimate is not just about being comfortable with your partner, but also being comfortable and confident yourself, no matter where in your menstrual cycle you are. 

Organic Tampons:

Flo ($7) 

Tampons, tampons, tampons. Is it possible to get one that’s not filled with carcinogens, plastic, and bleach? We’ve got good news for you, dear reader. Miracle tampons DO exist! Look no further than Flo, who “promotes a good-from-the-inside-out approach”! 

These tampons are highly absorbent, cruelty free and 100% feel-good. Try the Combo Applicator Pack’, which comes with 8 regular  and 6 super organic cotton tampons. That’s not all! It also comes with recyclable and plant-based (sugarcane) applicators. 

What more could we ask for really?


Menstrual Cups:

only ($35)

It’s important that we cover as many period products as possible, since everyone prefers different methods. Menstrual cups can be one of them!

We love products that can be reused and that can last long, and Green Umbrella’s menstrual cups can be used up to two years! Not only does this save you money, it supports everyone who menstruates and wishes to be more sustainable. 

This specific brand has rave reviews, and their cups are made of TPE (a “more sustainable material made from non-toxic recycled plastics”). As for competitor cups? Yeah, let’s just say they don’t meet up to par. And by par, I mean the bare minimum in sustainability.

Gender-Neutral Boxer Briefs:

Period Aisle ($49)

It goes without saying that leak-proof sustainable women’s underwear exists, but this one is for all our gender-neutral friends who also need some durable briefs! 

Period Aisle comes with all sorts of period products, including underwear for genders across the spectrum! This specific product comes equipped with an additional absorbency booster that can be tucked in.

If you want to see the impact of this product on the environment, I suggest clicking the link to see for yourself! We love a company that pays attention to its impact (while in this case also giving full-coverage leak protection!). So far they’re at 81 disposable pads replaced and counting!


Thanks for being here with us, and have a great weekend! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and favourite products in the comments below. 

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