Sustainable Saturday: Wooden Dish Brush Care

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Welcome back to Siempre Eco.’s Sustainable Saturday! This one’s for those of you out there who use Wooden Dish Brushes regularly. If you haven’t used Wooden Dish Brushes before, you need to get on that immediately! Not only does it get rid of tough gunk, it can also be long lasting and sustainable (Siempre Eco.’s are 100% biodegradable and can last up to a year, but we’ll get to that later!). 

For now, scroll to see how you can take care of your Wooden Dish Brushes in the right way so they can not only last you a long time, but also be used to its fullest!

Don’t Forget To Disinfect!

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While this may seem obvious, a lot of people actually put off cleaning their brushes, which is a big mistake! Although wood has natural antibacterial properties and your brushes don’t really need to be cleaned that often, you should know that chemicals (e.g. bleach) are NOT what you should be using. To properly clean and disinfect your Wooden Dish Brush, mix a bit of soap and vinegar together and let your brush soak in the liquid for about an hour. 

Rinse with hot water after, and see below for how to dry them. Whatever you do, don’t leave it there overnight! We warned you. 

Air Dry After Washing

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We know that new users may be used to leaving your plastic dish brushes in the dishwasher, but make no mistake with these! Wooden Dish Brushes can be cracked and damaged by heat. After rinsing your brush with hot water, lay it in a warm dry place. 

You don’t have to think too much about this one, to be honest. If it’s a pleasant sunny day, just leave it on a dish outside! Thank goodness it’s almost June, am I right? And yes, the windowsill is a perfectly fine place to lay it as well.

Is anyone else suddenly getting the urge to go have a soak in the sun?

Store Your Brush Carefully

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We promise that it isn’t complicated to store your brush! There are just some things to keep in mind so that your dish brush stays in optimal condition– causing it to have a longer-lasting life. The most simple and important tip is that no matter what, face the brush in such a way that the water will run away the wood.

The easiest way to do this is by hanging your brush on a hook by its handle. If you can’t hang your brush, place it with its bristles facing down onto a small, flat dish. If you see any water in the dish, empty it! Remember, the point is to allow excess water to run away from the wooden handle. 

Pro Tip: People often oil and wax wood after dried as needed to prevent aging and cracks! 

At Its Very End… Compost!

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Sometimes, there’s no getting out of it. Once your Wooden Dish Brush has reached its natural end and you are no longer to use it alternatively, compost! Place the entire brush into your compost bin, removing any metal parts (if there are any) before you do it. 

There is typically no need to remove the bristles at all because they’re made from a plant fiber, but if your brush happens to have synthetic bristles, remove them with pliers before composting. 


Looking for a new Wooden Dish Brush? Check out Siempre Eco.’s Bamboo Dish Brush! Many of the images in this blog were taken from our website, so take a look!

Otherwise, thanks for being here! We hope you know that you mean alot to us, and we can’t wait for the next blog! Have a wonderful weekend, and stay sustainable!

- Team Siempre Eco. 

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