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Meet the Team!

Rabia Dhanani - Captain of the Ship!

 Hi! I am Rabia and I am the Founder of   Siempre Eco. I have always been a   strong advocate for conscious   consumerism and environmentally   sustainable living. Being at a crossroads   after completing my undergraduate   education in May 2020, I decided to take   a leap of faith and worked on turning my   summer project into an entrepreneurial   venture. My focus is on encouraging   conscious consumerism as well as   making kitchen and wellness   sustainability more affordable. Over the   years, I have realized the financial cost of leading an eco-friendly life to be one of the main barriers to accessing it and I want to change the game by not only providing cost-effective options, but also sharing tools and knowledge that will allow the surrounding communities to gain expertise in creating the same eco-friendly alternatives for themselves. To be able to wake up to a new day of hustle every time is my driving factor. My love for our surroundings (and your wallet) will not disappoint!

Vyshnavi Rajeevan - Resident Word Wizard

Hi everyone, I'm Vyshnavi! I'm Siempre Eco's resident blogger. I'm a full-time English student and people-enthusiast. Soon you'll be seeing some exciting blog posts from me, covering everything fun and eco-friendly! I can't wait to interact with you all, and learn more in this community!