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How Houseplants Improve Your Well-being!

Welcome back to Siempre Eco.’s Sustainable Saturday!  Over the past few years, Covid-19 lockdowns have mainly prevented us from being able to go out and for nature-lovers, preventing them from traveling and being able to appreciate nature the way they used to!  It can be daunting for some of us to take in new plants because they require care, effort and attention, and can be hard to start getting into. The thing is– you have to treat it like a human! We need all those things too and more, and during a time where it’s more important to take care of our mental health than ever, putting time into self-care is crucial; even if it involves taking care of something...

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Sustainable Saturday: Sustainable Grocery Shopping Tips!

Welcome back to Siempre Eco.’s Sustainable Saturday!   If you’ve been following these blogs, you could probably tell that this would come eventually. Food consumption and grocery shopping is something we all do daily, weekly, and for well– basically forever!  For something we do so often, not everyone knows about all the waste it conjures up! From plastic to wasted food to greenhouse gas emissions, there’s plenty of ways each of us could improve the way we shop for groceries. Scroll down to see our favourite tips on being more sustainable while grocery shopping! Avoid Packaging and BYO Bags This may sound like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people forget it! Plastic pollution is one of...

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7 Ways To Travel Sustainably

Welcome back to Siempre Eco.’s Sustainable Saturday!  Summer is closer than ever, and you know what that means! Yes, tubs of ice cream bought weekly and consumed daily. But also, traveling! Before anything else, comment down below what your travel plans are this summer! We’d love to hear them.  Unless you’re a long time travel-connoisseur, we’re sure that you’ve wondered at some point if there was something you could be doing more, if there was any way you could travel more sustainably. Well, we’re here to put your mind at ease! Scroll below for our tips on traveling sustainably, counting ways you can leave the lightest footprint you can behind.  Pick Airlines Carefully This is if you’ve already considered taking...

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Sustainable Saturday: Wooden Dish Brush Care

Welcome back to Siempre Eco.’s Sustainable Saturday! This one’s for those of you out there who use Wooden Dish Brushes regularly. If you haven’t used Wooden Dish Brushes before, you need to get on that immediately! Not only does it get rid of tough gunk, it can also be long lasting and sustainable (Siempre Eco.’s are 100% biodegradable and can last up to a year, but we’ll get to that later!).  For now, scroll to see how you can take care of your Wooden Dish Brushes in the right way so they can not only last you a long time, but also be used to its fullest! Don’t Forget To Disinfect! Image source: While this may seem obvious, a lot of people...

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