Our Story

Hi! I am Rabia and I am the founder & chief artisan at Siempre Eco. For as long as I can remember, I have been a strong advocate for conscious consumerism and environmentally sustainable living.

Back in 2020, when I had just graduated from university, I realized the impact of advocacy and environmental sustainability separately and there was my light bulb moment 💡 How can I combine the two? How can I bridge the gap between affordability and sustainability in a world where people are more aware of their buying power? 

I have grown up in 6 countries and over the years, realized the financial cost of leading an eco-friendly life to be one of the main barriers to accessing it and I want to change the game by not only providing cost-effective options, but also sharing tools and knowledge that will allow the surrounding communities to gain expertise in creating the same eco-friendly alternatives for themselves. 

Today, we are a thriving company full of stories, tricks and wholesome connections. We love what we do and are always chasing the next best way to provide a better offering to our community.

Thank you for staying a while,

Rabia Dhanani