Sustainable Saturday 1: Being Sustainable in the Shower!

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Welcome to Siempre Eco’s first Sustainable Saturday blog post! This is a segment where we will share our favourite sustainable products, all independently selected to share with you! Today we want to chat about our favourite place to think and come up with random lightbulb ideas: the shower! For a place we humans go often (and if you’re like us, stay often) you would think that there are more organic shower products. Well, guess what? There are!  

Not only should we love the way your skin feels after a shower, we should also be feeling great about the sustainable and safe shower products we’re using since our skin soaks up the products we put on it. From essentials to having colourful and wonderfully smelling fun, take a look at the list put together by us, for you!

Shower Fizzies:


 Let’s begin with our favorite aromas for your shower. Don’t be confused– these aren’t bath bombs (although they are definitely still equally as fun)! All you have to do is place a Fizzie on the floor of your shower (avoid placing it under a direct stream of water). Enjoy the essential oils and some much deserved lux aromatherapy! The image above shows our Friendship Mix!



Siempre Eco ($23)

A Metal Safety Razor:

 Switching from plastic razor to plastic razor is both tedious and wasteful (not to mention hazardous to your health)! Metal razors, on the other hand, are both durable and long-lasting– which of course means cost-effective! While you may be used to the multi-razor burns and ingrown hair, these single-blade razors need only one shot to leave you with even smoother skin than you’re used to. 

(Bonus: Eco Roots come with 5 contemporary blades!)


Eco Roots ($36.50)

Refillable Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles


If it isn’t obvious already, switching to a refillable bottle (especially one as sustainably made as this) is the clear winner! Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone and palm oil, these bottles are safe for ALL hair types (including colour-treated hair)! The bottle itself is also designed to be biodegradable, and is totally vegan and GMO free. We can go on and on about this honestly, but TLDR; you should totally check them out! 

Eco Girl ($1 - $30)

Besides, can you look at their essential oils? I’d do anything for citrus and lavender!


Organic Cotton Shower Pouf

Your skin will absolutely love being caressed by this pouf. Lather and exfoliate your skin gently with soft natural fibers, and go plastic-free with this reusable and washable eco-swap! Whether it’s for you or your kids, poufs can be a big help in the shower! Did we mention it’s machine wash and dry safe? This 100% cotton pouf is the way to go!



Siempre Eco (12.50)


Soap Bars

Charcoal in skincare is on the rise! We’re sure you’ve probably seen those charcoal masks on TikTok. Here we have the next big thing: Charcoal Soap Bars!

Hear us out, Charcoal has already been used for centuries to purify and cleanse the skin by drawing out dirt and more from deep pores. We love freshening up our faces after a long day, or using it to start our morning! Gorgeous gorgeous girls love leaving our skin refreshed and nourished. Our pick? Herbivore’s Bamboo Charcoal Bars!

Herbivore ($14) 


And finally… 

Earlier we talked about shower fizzies, but hey, why limit yourself to just a few? 

Shower Fizzies Starter Pack!:

Because who can resist a good shower fizzy? (Not us, that’s who!)





Siempre Eco 


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